AWS Snowmobile – The 21st Century Data Transporter

December 29th, 2016


If your company has an unbelievable amount of data which needs to be transported and stored via cloud, then Amazon Web Service might just have the solution for you. Meet the ‘AWS Snowmobile’, the company’s 21st century response to moving colossal amounts of data.

Bigger & Better Data Transporting

The modern-take on the classic ‘sneakernet’ method of transporting information is bigger and better than any mediocre floppy, USB, or external hard drive you’ve ever seen. When speaking at the re:Invent event (2016) in Las Vegas, CEO Andy Jassy revealed that the truck displayed on stage, which Amazon Web Service dubbed the ‘AWS Snowmobile’, is a significantly larger version of their previous creation the ‘Snowball’. While the Snowball is a fairly compact device that can be rented from AWS and used by customers to move one petabyte worth of data (equal to 1,000 Terabytes) per week, the tricked-out AWS Snowmobile truck is fully equipped to store up to 100 petabytes of data.

This marvellous truck is set to tackle the problem of migrating huge amounts of information and is now available for companies to contract out to transport exabytes of data to the AWS’s cloud should the need arise. The 45-foot AWS Snowmobile links directly to your company’s data center using an insurmountable amount of power and network fibre to haul critical data to its memory. All the truck’s power drives a switch which can carry one terabit of data as each second passes across its multiple 450gbps connections. In essence, this means that the truck can be jammed full of data in approximately 10 days.

Once you’ve transferred your data to the truck, it’s then driven back to Amazon’s Web Service center where the data it holds is imported to one of the company’s two clouds; Amazon S3 or the Amazon Glacier.

AWS Snowmobile’s Layers of Security

With such large amounts of data, it’s impossible not to comprehend the security threat that might be caused should something go awry. Evidently, this is exactly why AWS has chosen to provide its own top-notch, multi-layered security.

On being driven to its destination for data collection the truck will not only be tracked using GPS, but it will also be escorted by dedicated members of the AWS security team. Moreover, it will also be equipped with 24/7 surveillance and alarm monitoring. To further ice the cake, you’ll also be able to have the option of having even more security, if you choose to hire an escort security vehicle whilst the truck is in transit.

Once the data is transferred, the 256-bit encryption keys, managed by AWS Key Management Service (KMS), will ensure that your company’s information is kept secure and that you still retain complete custody of the data that’s been transferred.

The AWS Snowmobile makes Waves

AWS new creation is already making waves amongst businesses that have large data to store and transfer. In fact, a company called DigitalGlobe has already begun contracting out a few trucks to move 100ptb of satellite imagery to cloud-based AWS.

Does your company need to transfer large amount of data? Sixteen Limited might not have a truck but we most certainly have an SaaS solution for you instead. Contact us today for more information and get ready to make the move to cloud-based software.

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