How SaaS Affects IT

January 15th, 2017


On choosing whether you should make the transition from on-premises software to SaaS, you should evaluate how the change will affect your IT department. A few things to consider are the influence the tools will have on your existing IT staff ‘s efficiency, whether or not they will prove to be cost effective and if it will be easy to make the transition back to on-premise software should the need arise. In this article, we discuss all of the factors we’ve mentioned above to help you make a well-informed decision. Have a look below!

What Impact will SaaS implementation have on IT Roles and Responsibilities?

Although many businesses who’ve always operated by using on-premises software often feel reluctant to make the shift to Software as a service, the introduction of cloud-based software promises to lighten your IT staff’s workload. Other than supplying software to you, your SaaS vendor will carry the responsibility of deploying necessary upgrades to the software you’ve opted to rent out. Ergo, your IT department’s staff responsibilities and priorities will positively shift to things that need to be done urgently. Indeed, they’ll no longer need to waste their precious time on making small fixes or upgrading pre-existing software, but can get down to doing the more important things.

Will the SaaS Tool you’ve chosen to use be Cost-effective?

Another factor to consider is whether or not the SaaS tool you’ve chosen to use will be cost-effective or not. Generally speaking SaaS companies create software with the customer in mind, so the monthly rent or yearly rent is affordable. Have a look at Sixteen Ltd’s SaaS tools which are available at affordable rates.

Will Your company be able to use on-premise software ever again?

Provided that you eventually choose to make use of your own on-premise software, you can simply choose to unsubscribe from the SaaS tool you chose to use. Similarly to when you’re renting a car or flat, you’ll be able to opt out of using SaaS whenever you see fit provided that you’ve honored all that you had said yes to in your initial agreement. We at Sixteen are firm believers in becoming well-acquainted with the terms and conditions of the particular tool you’ve chosen to rent out before making your final decision and paying for it.

Maximize Efficiency & Save Money with Our SaaS tools Today

Evaluating how SaaS affects IT services within your company’s infrastructure is not to be overlooked when making the transition to SaaS. If you’re struggling with whether the SaaS tool you’ve chosen to use will be well-worth your money, we at Sixteen Ltd. can aid you in making your decision by giving you a free consultation. Have a look at our SaaS tools such as Xero – a cloud based accounting software, iKentoo – a cloud based wireless POS system ideal for restaurants, Vend – a cloud based retail software and more!


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