When Does Your Startup Need a Project Manager?

October 26th, 2017

When Does Your Startup Need a Project Manager?

Although hiring a professional project manager can be looked at as an added expense, in the long run, it’s a necessary investment for your company. Managing the many aspects of a startup business can be stressful. As an entrepreneur, you’re required to select your manufacturers, release marketing campaigns, and handle all back-end operations, and all on a limited budget. As your business grows, keeping up to date with all these processes can become nearly impossible.

That’s why it’s important to understand when it’s time to turn your projects over to an expert. Our team at Sixteen have decided to list reasons why having a project manager by your side is essential…

Missed Deadlines

Often, business owners find it impossible to consistently hit deadlines. When you’re busy handling in-house work or outsourcing to third-party providers, you can lose track of time and potentially miss deadlines. By missing deadlines, you’ll quickly lose credibility.

Disagreement amongst teams

As a business team grows, they branch off into various groups that you’d need to manage. As the company continues to grow, leaders of each department will find themselves coordinating teams in order to make sure the projects come together. Hiring a project manager will provide a union between departments to ensure that the project stays on track.

Experiencing financial loss

Although a professional project manager may be expensive, businesses can calculate the cost easily. However, by delaying deadlines, a business will lose the money that it might’ve made by releasing the project on the given deadline. By failing to live up to its promises, a business’ financial losses are much greater than hiring a project manager. Therefore, a project manager will be a worthwhile investment.

As your startup business develops, a project manager acts as the glue that holds everything together. They make sure that projects stay on track and team members are communicating well amongst each other.

At Sixteen Limited, we offer the service of a project manager to overlook the correct implementation of the systems. We specialise in software where we liaise with all third party software providers to ensure optimal synchronisation amongst multiple components.

For more information on our services, contact us today on +356 20101616 or info@sixteenconsulting.com.

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