Vital Tips to Consider When Choosing Software Development Services

December 11th, 2017

Vital Tips to Consider When Choosing Software Development Services

It takes a great amount of experience to create excellent software for your business. To ensure you get the best possible service, you need to seek a team that you’ll enjoy working with, that will ask the right questions about your business, and that can develop high-quality software efficiently.

Here are a few things you need to consider when looking for a new software development team.

1. Write a fairly detailed brief

Take the time to prepare a well-detailed brief by spending time with software users and asking them to let you know their business requirements. However, avoid long and detailed paragraphs and instead, write down the requirements in point form.

2. Ask for fixed price quotes

Although some suppliers base their prices off the time taken and materials used, most suppliers will be able to give you a fixed price quote if you’re able to give them enough detail about what the software needs to do.
Consider payment milestones and linking payments to delivery milestones-such as the delivery of early requirements, early functionalities and so on.

3. Get familiar with the supplier’s preferred technology stack

A technology stack is a combination of software products and programming languages used to create a programme. Ask the supplier to explain their stack of choice. You’re after a stack which is well supported and widely used in the software development industry. If you have a preference for a particular technology stack, let the team know.

4. Let the supplier know your budget

Although this isn’t compulsory, it’s a good idea to give your supplier an idea of your budget. If your budget is too small and expectations too high, then you should let them know as early as possible. They might be able to propose a different solution that fits.

5. Ask to see their portfolio

It’s a good idea to see previous work they’ve done on similar projects. Ask them about how long the applications took to develop and how much effort was required from the client. Understand what issues and challenges they might face in order to see how they’ll approach your project.

6. Get someone from your team involved

It helps software developers to know who’s making the decisions so it’s very efficient to give them a single point of contact to coordinate feedback with.

If you’re looking for a supplier that’s going to be trusted with building a new internal system, or to rescue a struggling project, then you’ll need a team that does great work efficiently and has a great track record.

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