Why Invest in iKentoo For Your Restaurant?

January 15th, 2018

Why Invest in iKentoo For Your Restaurant?

iKentoo is a high-performance, iPad-based POS and business management solution designed for hospitality entrepreneurs. So whether you own a restaurant, take-away establishment or bar, this system will surely benefit both your company’s performance and revenue.

Offering an entire range of seamlessly connected hardware and software functions, iKentoo manages to combine a no-fuss interface with a highly customizable one-click management suite. It’s a complete ordering and management platform whose mission is to help simplify its clients’ businesses. Below are a few reasons you should invest in iKentoo for your restaurant.

Menu functionality

One of the main challenges of keeping customers happy, particularly during busy hours, is avoiding messing up orders because of human error, generally through lost orders or illegible handwriting. With iKentoo POS system, waiting staff can send orders as well as cooking instructions straight to the kitchen. This function applies not only for on-site orders, but also deliveries and takeaways.

Needless to say, this time-saving feature increases the efficiency of restaurant staff as they don’t have to go back and forth to the kitchen to pass on customers’ orders. No more trying to decode doctor-style illegible handwriting! And  less wrong orders equals to happier customers and less embarrassed waiting staff.

Pricing and promotions

With iKentoo, managers can input meal deals as well as add discounts to a table’s bill, perhaps to reward loyal customers (who can be accessed on client files). Another great function this POS system offers is the split-the-bill function for tables that opt to go Dutch, or for those previously-dreaded customers who insist on paying for their ordered items individually. iKentoo makes this non-ideal process less painful than it has to be.

Automated inventory management

There’s little worse than taking an order and having to return to the table to break the news that the strawberries that come with the strawberry crepe aren’t available. Therefore, another very handy feature to have as part of your POS system allows you to see which items are low in stock in real time, making you aware that you need to order the listed stock to avoid customer disappointment.

Staff activity tracking

There’s the option of setting a pass code which can be unique for all members of staff, enabling catering business owners to track the activity of each staff member. This is the time where Big brother watching is actually beneficial!

Create floor plans

Create and edit floorplans that reflect your restaurant in order to monitor how many tables are being occupied and when, which allows you to avoid being over or understaffed during certain shifts, thus ensuring the smooth running of your business.

Therefore, your catering company needn’t look like a scene out of Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Kitchen nightmares’. The POS system available in Malta enables the smooth operating of your business and allows you to worry less about logistics so you can focus on customer satisfaction instead.

If you’d like to know more about how iKentoo can benefit your restaurant, contact our team at Sixteen today!

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