What is Accounting Software and Why You Need it

February 2nd, 2018

Accounting software based on the cloud? Which enables you to access real-time data anywhere, anytime? How about a system which can send online invoices which customers can pay immediately, with the click of a button, as well as manage purchase orders and batch pay suppliers? Yes please! This scenario can be a reality for your company thanks to Xero.
A seamless payroll and accounting system, employees are able to request, leave and submit time sheets and securely view their own pay steps, while payroll administrator processes staff pay; updating the account automatically. Drag and drop is enabled so files can be dragged across, making it extremely accessible. What’s more, receipts can be processed on the go, economizing on time since there’s no need to claim expenses at the end of the month. Reports can be published, and access is granted to users effortlessly.

Discover high-integrity accounting
The 21st Century affords us to live in a society where we’re incessantly connected, where constant real-time access to precise and sound financial data is curcial. For a multitude of subscribers, Xero is the essence of an online network, linking business owners and employees with their customers, advisors, each other, third-party applications, financial institutions as well as numerous other service providers.
Small business data not only encompasses separate dealings, but – collectively – delivers background and intelligibility into business performance and helps advise decision-making. Such data also aids to inform risk and influences advice. Protecting the credibility of data is important, not only to precisely evaluate the constant performance of a company and its economic site, but also to help lessen the risk for the business itself and anyone working with said business. Each party involved with the company needs to have faith in the systems used to control the financial data.

Enjoy high performance accounting software
Xero is an online solution which delivers anytime and anywhere, giving small businesses access to financial data. In doing so, it provides a multi-faceted approach to ensuring data retains its integrity when laden into its accounting software, and helps guarantee it remains safe and protected. Ongoingly, Xero’s integral tools and devices help notify operators and their consultants when data has been adapted. Xero also provides a range of strategies to repair any problems. Such an approach guarantees that figures keeps its integrity and – importantly – helps promise consultants and their clients that records are precise and reliable.

Untouched data feeds
Xero offers manifold ways for data to be flawlessly given directly into its accounting engine, sans the human interference. By confirming data is inputted into the system intact, it has veracity from the beginning. Xero’s open platform supports the computerised processing and administration of financial data.

Xero implements a multi-layered method as means of protecting information, making sure it retains its veracity, so all parties can ensure its exactness. These facets cover all features of software: from the fundamental infrastructure, controls on admission to the application, alerts and updates by the application, to incorporated controls which help check the constant accuracy of financial data. Xero helps both advisors and their clients ensure that all the data’s integrity is retained, which is ultimately what every company seeks and needs.
So, if you’re a business owner and need accounting software which is futureproof, has robust support behind the system as well as the above-mentioned beneficial features (amongst many others), indubitably your answer should be Xero. For more information about Xero and to discuss a quote, contact Sixteen today!

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