Enjoy Airtight Security with Xero

February 17th, 2018

Airtight Security with Xero

Security is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly in any aspect of life. This is certainly no different when it comes to sensitive information storage within a company. This is where Xero and its nifty functionality comes in. So how exactly can Xero put your mind at rest? Sixteen wanted to explore this.

Assurance Dashboard

This feature aids advisors to screen their customer information to certify its truthfulness. It provides a tool for sensing glitches in a client’s data, overseeing movement and delivering continuous assurance. Complementing other reports and tools within Xero, the Dashboard consolidates information in one location, which makes for easier identification of suspicious activity and act on any anomalies in the system.

The Assurance Dashboard provides visibility across a range of activities, including:

  • user access and activity, helping confirm granted access to clients’ accounts, and user activity within those accounts
  • bank account and transaction fluctuations, displaying details of any manual bank account updates, particularly manually deleted statements or acquiescent transactions
  • contacts with identical bank accounts or whose bank accounts have been amended to help recognise any mistakes or possibly fraudulent behaviour, where assets for several contacts are being directed to a single bank account
  • invoices or bills that have been created and backdated – this could differentiate between legitimate activity or even indicate that someone has tried to exploit archives

Infrastructure protection

Businesses and their advisors rely on Xero being obtainable permanently, whilst keeping their data secure. Xero uses leading infrastructure to distribute high levels of performance, accessibility, and resiliency. Moreover, various levels of protection both for personal and financial information is safeguarded.

Data protection

Data encryption

All data that goes between Xero and its customers – whether personal or financial, is protected and encrypted using industry standard TLS (transport layer security). What’s more, customer data is also encoded when not in use – stored on its servers – and when transferred between data centres for backup and duplication.

Network protection

Xero takes an exhaustive, self-protective method to shielding systems and customers’ data, using various levels of security controls to shield access. This includes firewalls, intrusion protection systems and network separation.

Security services are constructed, supervised, and upheld consistent with the specific industry’s best practice, working with industry leading security vendors and drawing on their expertise.

Secure data centres and security monitoring

With vigorous security in place to avert physical access to servers, Xero’s security measures include 24/7/365 monitoring and surveillance and regular ongoing security audits. Xero’s security team constantly screens security systems, event logs, notifications and signals from all systems to recognise and manage threats.

Accuracy, reliability and trustworthiness

Thanks to its multi-layered method to defending customer data, Xero lets small businesses, their advisors, financial institutions – and every other party with whom the business has a relationship and liaise with.

Access controls

When it comes to Password protection Xero provides a two-step authentication. Apart from the standard password protection, this two-step authentication further protects its users against unauthorised access to data.

Monitoring and alerts

With regard to email updates, last login details and IP location information, Xero provides details about user logins including when and where they last logged in, and a list of recent logins.

Controls and reporting

By means of the activity history reports, all transactions are traced in the history and notes, routinely capturing a record of activity in the application. The Assurance Dashboard helps makes any irregularities visible to advisors.

An amalgamation of data centre safety, consistency, accessibility, resiliency, and performance Xero ensures infrastructure protection on an array of levels. If you’re interested in finding our more about the airtight security Xero has to offer, contact Sixteen today!

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