Enjoy a Smooth Sailing Scheduling Solution with Deputy

March 6th, 2018

Enjoy a Smooth-Sailing Scheduling Solution with Deputy:

If you’re a business owner or manage a large group of employees at a large enterprise, you’ll know that having a modern and efficient scheduling software helps to increase productivity in the workplace and is a useful time-saving tool. Deputy can help you optimise automated scheduling for your team in an efficacious and dynamic way. Sixteen in Malta have compiled a quick analysis of the advantages that this software can deliver.

What can Deputy scheduling offer me?

Deputy software allows your employees to be autonomous when managing leave and informing of their unavailability. When publishing a new schedule for them to follow, they can easily be notified via email, SMS or push notification. The interface is easily navigated by using a drag and drop process allowing you to add employees and schedule them in different areas at the touch of a button.

How does it work?

The software’s appearance resembles that of a timesheet, making it a familiar and simple interface to organise. When you add and customise a shift for an employee or a team of people over a selected period of time, the costs per day or week are charted at the top of the screen in graph form. This gives you the ability to view a forecast of daily or weekly expenses and thus reduce payroll costs in order to be more profitable.

When creating a shift with Deputy, you can adjust start and finish times as well as the length of breaks and the area where employees have to be. Costs are instantly updated as soon any changes are applied to coordinate with the number of weekly hours; there is a useful stats button which gives you a full overview of expected sales and wages vs sales, along with the number of filled hours and the estimated cost of total shifts created. You may even use the Copy Shifts option to import any rosters from previous weeks, saving a lot of time and further hassle.

Why are more and more opting for staff scheduling software?

Not only is decreasing the use of paper environmentally friendly; opting for a technological alternative is much faster and facilitates integration with a number of other existing processes within a department. This maintains the same data across scheduling, training, management of resources and other systems. It also prevents data from being lost in the form of hard copies by ensuring safe and secure storage in one location.

Another benefit is that it is portable and remote. As a scheduling software Deputy can be used on a number of mobile devices. Apps are available on Google PlayStore and iTunes for iPhone, iPad and Android users, allowing you to access it anytime, anywhere.

If you’d like to learn more about Deputy and how it can help your workforce prosper, contact Sixteen in Malta for in-depth guidance and assistance.

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