Effective Workplace Communication with Deputy NewsFeed

March 12th, 2018

Effective Workplace Communication with Deputy NewsFeed

Today’s workplace demands require constant, effective communication, which is why Deputy has become a vital tool in the running of businesses due to its efficient newsfeed. Rather than requiring employees to adapt to evolving technology, Deputy adapts to cater to your business needs.

Sixteen Malta have put together a few reasons to invest in Deputy to optimise communication in your workplace.

1. Manage your workforce from anywhere

We live in a global workplace without time zones or office hours, and with so many employees now working remotely, many businesses may gain from Deputy. As Deputy’s Newsfeed is available on its own websites, mobile applications and Kiosk, you can access it anytime – whether on site or remotely.

2. Communicate in real time

If your company is using many channels for communication, Deputy’s newsfeed system enables your business to replace emails and SMS, making it a fantastic tool for keeping everyone connected in real time.
Newsfeed was designed to share information through posts as well as for general chat. One of the features of Deputy is that it allows you to message individual employees or your entire team as well as attach PDFs and images to the messages.

3. Enables employees to feel included

Deputy Newsfeed enables businesses to create a sense of community by engaging their staff and communicating with them through shared posts, which the employees can also comment on. This makes employees feel included in the company they form part of. The more deeply connected workers become to their workplaces, the happier they feel, which typically results in a higher level of productivity.

4. Make company announcements

Deputy’s Newsfeed makes staff communication easy, allowing you to inform them on changes and make important announcements. Keep your workforce up to date with everything work-related; from upcoming shifts and training sessions to staff get-togethers. In order to ensure all members have confirmed attendance, Deputy also provides a ‘Request confirmation’ option.

Sixteen is a business consultancy in Malta that strives to make technology integrate seamlessly with your business to help it grow, through solutions such as Deputy and Xero.

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