Stay on Top of Things with Deputy

March 21st, 2018

Stay on Top of Things with Deputy’s Task Manager

Deputy: A Task-Managing Software Solution Distributed by Sixteen Malta

Running a successful business requires being on top of everything, which all too often leaves business managers busy juggling day-to-day operations to lead the team business. Which is where Deputy comes to the rescue.

Deputy is an easy-to-use, innovative workplace management which, through its integrated tools, transforms the way businesses run. Managers no longer have to be stuck behind their desks; giving them time to train employees, partner with customers to grow the business.

Sixteen – distributors of the software in Malta, explain how Deputy’s Task Manager can help managers and business owners stay on top of your business.

1. Task Management

Deputy’s tasking feature allows managers to delegate jobs easily by creating tasks for employees, who can then access a checklist to help them proactively manage their time throughout their shift. Another great feature is that managers get notified when the tasks are done and can review what’s still pending to ensure that deadlines are met and everything is prioritised.

2. Shifts & Attendance

In addition, Deputy allows for you to start shifts through Deputy Task Manager. Use the Deputy Mobile geolocation capability or the Deputy Kiosk’s face detection, to ensure your employees are where they should be, every shift. If an employee calls in sick or doesn’t show up at all, managers can easily find a replacement with one tap.

3. Accounting & Payroll

Payroll processing time can be slashed from days to hours with Deputy’s Task Manager. Deputy calculates overtime, salary costing with every shift according to your local laws or workplace agreements.

4. Staff Performance Journals

Record employee performance to easily recognise and reward top performers accordingly. Managers and supervisors can easily leave journal entries for employees. Submit journal entries easily, view and analyse a history of journal entries for each employee and create reports to review how performance varies over time.

The ease of entering this information and the ability to review the employee performance information is unique to Deputy.

5. Reports

Use dynamic reports to track your timesheet costs, schedule budgets, sales transactions and other employee variables to keep your business on the fast track.

If, as a business owner, you often find yourself running around like a headless chicken trying to stay on top of everything, then Deputy’s Task Manager is the solution for you. Contact Sixteen in Malta to see how we can help you build a connected business with Deputy!


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